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The Journal of Leroy E. Grey 052

BEGIN 09/07/09 #3cccJournal2TwittBook ARCHIVED TWEETS: http://3circles.org/journal #book #tcot #teaparty #912 #rush #fb #phn Pages 1690-1700

#3cccJournal2TwittBook As time has passed since taking our stand, Cindy and I discussed what kind of job we could be self-employed at, 1690

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..something that would also allow us to serve the Lord. Obviously, we can no longer consider our original idea 1691

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..of doing a youth ministry, not with all the antagonism our marriage has caused, even among our friends. 1692

#3cccJournal2TwittBook We realized we share a common love and dream: a natural foods restaurant. So we decided to go to St. John, 1693

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..New Brunswick, which is a short ferry ride from our present home in Digby. We’ll try to rent an abandoned but 1694

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..well equipped restaurant. Last Tuesday, the first of April, we were in St. John and Arnold Allen assisted our 1695

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..efforts. We called a fellow who wanted to sell but went to look at it anyway, hoping he would rent. The 1696

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..place had been laying empty and abandoned for two years but the equipment looked in good working order. After 1697

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..telling us he had been offered $12,500 two years ago, just before it closed, he said he’d take $1,000. That 1698

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..was exactly the amount I had in my pocket, which I just “happened” to take out of the bank 1699

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..on Wednesday, for reasons unknown. 1700

END 09/07/09 #3cccJournal2TwittBook MEET AUTHOR: http://MeetTheAuthor.3circles.net #book #tcot #hhrs #sgp #912 #c4l #tlot Pages 1690-1700