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The Journal of Leroy E. Grey 020

BEGIN 06/11/09 #3cccJournal2TwittBook MUST READ FIRST: http://intro.3circles.net #book #tcot #teaparty #sgp #fb #twurch Pages: 1051-1091

#3cccJournal2TwittBook Then the Lord also laid on my heart a clear edict for Mark – he must assume his God-given place as head of his 1051

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..family. Beth must learn submission and has even admitted to not trusting Mark with the finances, assuming a 1052

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..position of authority to prevent problems. We entered into prayer together, confessing our faults one to 1053

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..another and praying one for another, that we might be healed. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man 1054

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..availeth much” (Ja 5:16). Mark testified after praying that he felt a burden being lifted that he didn’t 1055

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..really know was there and that he felt anointed by the Holy Spirit as he never had before. The Holy Spirit 1056

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..anointed all of us that night and we rejoiced mightily, with thanksgiving and praise! 1057

#3cccJournal2TwittBook We danced and sang and clapped our hands. Praise you Jesus! 1058

#3cccJournal2TwittBook JANUARY 11, 1975: Back in Middleton we visited with Joe and Marie Umidi. There have been many changes. Cindy 1059

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..and I, and Joe and Marie, were anointed with the Holy Spirit and were confessing faults one to another and 1060

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..praying one for another. I spoke up about a long-standing burden – their lack of obedience to God’s word about 1061

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..raising children. Vernon came over and after many hours of uncompromising bullheadedness he admitted he was 1062

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..carrying around a burden. He didn’t share it and still maintained he could work it out on his own but it was a 1063

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..first step. I read a letter from Joe and Marie’s friends, Kip and Faiga. WOW! Kip talked about dealing with 1064

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..disobedient brothers, quoting Mt. 18:15-17 and Hebrews 13:17. The following night, the 10th, we had supper at 1065

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..Joe and Marie’s with Lynn and Judy Curtis. Turns out they were having a very rough time in their marriage and 1066

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..we were able to share Christ. At first with a bit of stiffness, but soon the Holy Spirit convicted their 1067

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..hearts. Judy cried and Lynn and I embraced. Now Mark and Beth are here to visit and who knows what God has in 1068

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..store? MONDAY JANUARY 13, 1975: I am now back at Qua Qua and fasting.. along with Robin, Kathy & Henry, and 1069

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..Mark & Beth. Mary left yesterday to stay with Port for a few days. Mark & Beth and I returned from Middleton 1070

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..Sunday night, after Mary had already left. Mark is blossoming in Christ as he assumes his place as head of the 1071

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..family. He was given clear direction Friday evening to come to Middleton and they arrived Saturday morning 1072

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..(this was after reaching an impasse with Mary; Kathy & Henry don’t understand all this yet). Then Cindy, 1073

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..myself and Mark and Beth went to Joe & Marie’s, stopping at Leon’s on the way. The Holy Spirit is convicting 1074

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..him and he is attending many Christian gatherings. Well, at Joe & Marie’s we prayed and confided in one 1075

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..another. Joe told them he believed Mary should be the one to leave because God is obviously raising up a body 1076

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..of believers at Qua Qua. He said their over concern for her welfare, such as where she could go, shows a lack 1077

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..of faith. We decided to fast and pray, and that I should return with Mark & Beth. There is an obvious need for 1078

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..leadership at Qua Qua Commune and I’ve come to accept that the Lord is giving me this responsibility. I pray 1079

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..that his love will always come through me and that my ego will not get in the way. Joe talked a lot about the 1080

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..structure of the body of Christ and the need for an elder too. Jack Hooper fits that spot graciously. Joe 1081

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..& Marie and myself, along with Mark & Beth and Cindy, went to the Born Again Barn for a praise and worship 1082

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..meeting. Hallelujah! Some of us confessed our burdens and Cindy kneeled as we all laid hands on her, praying 1083

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..for her unspoken burden to be lifted. While we were still at the Umidi’s, I confessed a moment of selfishness. 1084

#3cccJournal2TwittBook Cindy and I had put a lot of work into making Apple juice and I had plans to save some for drinking at home. 1085

#3cccJournal2TwittBook When Beth asked for some I became covetous. So I went into the other room to pray and the Lord showed me how 1086

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..much God has given throughout history, in preparation for the coming of his son, Jesus. Jesus is the juice, 1087

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..given freely. We are told to “present (give) your bodies a living sacrifice” in Romans 12. Even what we have 1088

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..labored heavily for, is to be shared without reservation, in complete faith that the Lord will increase our 1089

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..heavenly reward as a result. After my confession of selfishness over the Apple juice, Marie related a similar 1090

#3cccJournal2TwittBook ..incident with some cheese Joe brought home, which Cindy and I devoured. Praise God for his wonderful love! 1091

END 06/11/09 #3cccJournal2TwittBook MEET AUTHOR: http://MeetTheAuthor.3circles.net #book #tcot #teaparty #sgp #fb #twurch Pages: 1051-1091